11 July 2013

Counting the days away


At the moment I don't really have anything beauty or fashion related to write about. So I thought why not do a little lifestyle post? 

In just over two weeks I'm flying to the UK and I am so unbelievably excited- that alone is making the days move in a snail like fashion. What makes it worse is during the summer there isn't a whole lot to do without melting. Today we had highs of 45 degrees celsius! But I'm not here to talk about the weather. So to pass the days I have been waking up early (Well early-ish...) and dragging my butt to the gym, where I tend to sweat it out for a few hours (Today I burnt 745 calories. Go me!). The rest of the day I spend lazing around watching back to back Greys Anatomy and occasionally scrolling through Facebook (Ahh, such an interesting life I lead).

I may have just made myself sound like the most boring person in the blogosphere. I promise I'm not. I do see my friends at times too, this past week I've been to the movies and shopping with the bestie which has all been good and well (Just not for my wallet). 

Tomorrow though, it isn't my wallet that is going to be taking a beating. It's going to be my parents (Hopefully). I'm not a brat. Really I'm not. I'm just taking a trip with the fam to the Outlet Mall. Where I'm really hoping that the Converse outlet have their white, low top, shoreline Chucks...Because I have so fallen for them. I am head over heels for these sneakers and I'm never really a sneaker person. But I've got so many outfit thats I'm just turning over in my head and boy do I want these sneakers! I keep imagining them with pretty little dresses. They are beyond cute! 

Here's a pic...What do you think?



  1. I adore those sneakers, I have wanted the same in grey for ages and ages and ages but I'm just not able to find them in my size. But I'm going to possess them, you can count on that :D
    Have fun in the mall!

    I really enjoyed reading your blog so far, I'll be off to follow you on bloglovin! I'd be really happy if you followed me as well :) If you like my blog that is, haha.



  2. Thank you :) I'm just about to follow you back as your blog is lovely! Maybe you could order them online, I think that is what I might resort to if I can't find them tomorrow :P


  3. Replies
    1. I don't wanna :'( I'll put you in my suitcase

  4. Ahh man, i feel like this sometimes when i'm excited... Days go by even slower. :(

    Love the shoes as well, hope you manage to get them. :)

    Your latest follower on Bloglovin' and GFC, Lauren x

    1. It's the worst feeling! I'm trying to keep my self busy so I stop thinking about it :)

      Didn't manage to get the shoes, I can't get them over here sadly. Did however get the most gorge leather jacket :D Which is like my first jacket in 7 years!