16 July 2013

What's In My Bag?

Bag from New Look, 50 Dhs in the sale 


Today I'm going to let you all have a nosy through my bag. But before I get to that I have to ask...Does anyone else always go to start a new blog when they actually mean to write a new post? I'm forever clicking on the wrong link and it drives me mad! 


Here is a look inside my bag!
(Please excuse the badly taken pictures, I'm packing up my bedroom at the moment so everything is all higgelty piggelty...)

Because you never know what might happen...
This is my current read and I'm really enjoying it. I love that it seems really factual and takes itself so seriously even though it's fiction. When I'm reading it I almost believe that the virus they're talking about actually exists.

My not so little black notebook. I take this everywhere. I use it to write lists and doodle and jot down blog ideas. It's pretty much the inside of my brain. Plus it's so cute!

I had to literally run to Boots the other day to get this. I have a nut allergy and have to take this before I rush to the hospital if I ingest nuts (As the doctors here won't give me an epi-pen). Back to the running, I usually keep a few of these in my bag just in case, the one day I forget to put any in my bag, I accidentally pop a nut filled Date in my mouth. Not a good idea. Thankfully I spat it out really quickly and took one of these so I only really got an itchy mouth. 

Ohhh tissues...Interesting.

This is one of my favourite body sprays as it smells delicious and I enjoy smelling like baked goods. I feel like a cookie when I wear this and feeling like a cookie feels good.

I'm actually not a giant fan of this purse. I got it in New Look when my old one fell to pieces whilst I was shopping. Hopefully I'll be able to find something cute in England.

Tickets from when me and one of my best friends went to the cinema. I loved the film, especially all the beautiful things. Plus Emma Watson <3 

Various lip products. A girl can never have enough...

A brush that I bought in The Body Shop whilst I was Christmas shopping. I used to have really short hair but have grown it out in the last year so I'm actually having to keep on top of the tangles which can be a bit of a hassle. I really want to by myself a Tangle Teezer though!

A pair of broken glasses. As you do. I really need to get these fixed because I am terrible at using contacts and really should wear glasses when I'm reading and on my laptop at least. My eyesight is terrible.

A wand. Yes, I'm a Harry Potter fan. No, I don't usually carry a wand around in my bag. But a friend of mine made this for me as a leaving pressie (Isn't is good!) and I just haven't got round to taking it out of my bag.

This is my favourite perfume, 212 by Carolina Herrera. I love that even though the packaging is huge it actually contains two small travel sized bottles. Smells beautiful.

Keys for the house and gate. I'm always getting locked out as my kets are never in my bag. One time I had to wait in the heat for about an hour for my mum's friend to come round and save me as my dad was at work which is a few hours away and my mum was in the UK. She didn't have a key but she took me to hers and we got a pizza. Awww.

I always love people's What's in my bag posts because I'm really nosy (It's human nature!) I wish I had some gorgeous Celine bag to show you all. Never the less I hope you enjoyed snooping through my bag!



  1. Nice stuff you got there :) Your notebook is beautiful and the book you're reading really looks so interesting, I might have a look at it....
    I actually did a video on what's in my girls' night out bag, so if you'd like to have a look, it's here. I love having a nosey around other bags as well ^^



    1. Loved your vid! Also loved that you did it on the train, I would be waaaaaay to shy to do that :P


  2. your bag is lovely! im so in need of a new one!


    1. Thank you <3 I'm loving New Look bags atm, they have a really nice collection :)


  3. Haha, love the wand! I love that body spray too - vanilla is the best scent ever!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. It smells heavenly! Love the name of your blog, Maltesers are the best chocolate ever :D


  4. gorgeous bag!! i love that you have a zombie book inside! perfect.
    xo Jessica
    stop by if ya get a chance

  5. your bag reminds me of the céline bag that is everywhere right now, so cute. love how you have a harry potter wand in your bag.x

  6. Love these kind of posts.. Mainly because I'm really nosy! Haha. Got to get me to the cinema to see Bling too!



  7. Great post - I have been wondering about the Brooks zombie books for a while and I will have to get it now :) x


  8. Ahh the zombie survival guide, I have that book
    Would you like to follow eachother on bloglovin and gfc?


  9. Love your blog<3

  10. You have a lovely bag! Your note book is also so cute, may I ask where you bought it?

    Lou x
    Bluebird | Beauty and life blog