30 June 2013

Here is a post about the future...


Here's a random photo I took in Wiltshire 2 summers ago.

As the title says, this post is about the future. No, i'm not about to get all weird and tell you I can see into the future (though that would be pretty cool) but a lot of things in my life are changing very dramatically at the moment. I know for most people the summer between high school and university is a scary one. It certainly is for me. In about 28 days I'm going to be moving back to the UK, I've not lived there in around 8 years and although my family is coming with me for a bit of a holiday they will be leaving me all alone by the time summer ends.

I have conditional acceptances to The University of Glasgow and The University of Aberdeen, even though I'm English these two unis seemed perfect for me. Not only did the courses for English Language look really interesting but so did the cities and the buildings! I do love pretty buildings, especially ones which look like Hogwarts.

I have to admit though, I'm absolutely terrified! Not just about leaving home but also about my A-Level grades although the exams seemed to go okay, I'm still so on edge about my results. It's driving me crazy!

Overall though I'm excited. Terrified but excited. I'm a giant ball of mixed emotions about it all. I keep trying to look at it as another adventure and it really is. I'm just excited to see where it all takes me.

Toodles x

(Yes, I'm going for toodles. It's cute, don't judge.)


  1. what an exciting time for you! i hope you get the grades you need to get into the uni you decide to go for.