2 July 2013

YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat Review

I've been eyeing this product up for a while now. The internet has been absolutely raving about it, so I've been wanting to get my hands on it. The other day I was out shopping with my parents and as my mum made her way to the changing rooms, I snuck off to the beauty counters. I just wanted to look, maybe ask for the price and the range of colours, I wasn't planning on buying it (or so I told myself).

The range of colours was huge! Twenty-two in total, ranging from very fair shades to really deep ones. I caved and ended up buying the shade B-50. I have a medium skin tone and this colour easily matched up to my natural skin (All I'm worried about is losing my tan when I move back to the UK and having to fork out another 275 AED!)


I completely love it! It evens out my complexion entirely, to the point where I rarely feel the need to wear concealer (Except for under my eyes as I inherited dark circles around my eye from my Mum). The texture is also pleasant as it is very light but also gives enough coverage. My skin never feels caked  and unable to breath when I'm wearing this. It has quite a liquid consistency but isn't so runny that it gets everywhere and makes a mess. It lasts me all day and unless I spend way too much time outside (which I rarely do) and sweat it off only then do I ever need to reapply it. Plus, although it has a dewy effect it isn't shiny enough to make you look plastic-ey, it instead just leaves your skin looking healthy and glowing. I only add a little bit of Rimmel's Stay Matte to set the foundation in place and because I live in the heat I have to make extra sure it doesn't start running. Though, all in all I don't think a powder is really necessary for everyone because the foundation does wonders on it's own

The packaging is luxurious but I wouldn't expect anything less from YSL. It's quite compact and fits neatly into my make-up bag. Although I absolutely love the expensive packaging (As it makes me feel like a princess) there are a couple of drawbacks in my opinion. The bottle is glass and feels as if it would be easily smashed, so I'm quite worried about travelling with it and it's not very handbag safe. The product is operated by a pump which I love! Who doesn't love pump foundations? They are so much easier to use than bottled ones in my opinion, so why is this a drawback? I feel like the pump doesn't pump enough out, so I end up using two pumps instead of one which leaves a little bit to waste. Maybe I just have a larger than average face...

Ohh, it smells great too! I can't quite place the smell but it's quite sweet and smells expensive. It isn't over powering either and the smell wears away quite quickly. Though any foundation is bound to smell better than the one I was previously wearing which I honestly thought smelt a bit like B/O, thankfully the smell wore off of that one within minutes.

I would recommend this product to EVERYBODY! It is definitely worth the price if you ask me. If you've tried this product to let me know what you think of it in the comments.



  1. I really want to give this a go, but you're right there are so many colours - my idea of simply buying it online went out the window! I'm going to have to go in to a department store! Anyway, lovely post hun.

    Thank you for commenting on my blog!



  2. You really should and at a department store you get good advice. I really recommend it though! Been loving your blog since I found it today :)

    Thank you!