☆Favourite Bloggers


Here's a little list of all the bloggers that I absolutely love to read. They have inspired me to start using different products and try out new things. They also inspired me to create my own little portion of the internet. They are FAB

First off, my best friend has a blog as well. We actually started our blogs at the exact same time (literally we were on the phone trying to work it all out together as we're both kind of tech-dumb). She's funny and loves all things beauty. And if you love shabby chic vintage-ness you should defo check her out! I promise you will love her as much as I do (Aw, look at me getting all mushy and sentimental).

Zoella, is the first blog I ever started reading. She may not know who I am but she's influenced me in so many ways and I really enjoy her blog. Every time she posts something new I get really excited. She is awesome!

The lovely Tanya Burr is my favourite make-up artist on youtube and she also has a gorgeous blog. She never fails to make me smile & she pretty much taught me everything I know about make-up and how to apply it.

Sprinkle of Glitter is so funny, her personality exudes out of her blog and feels me with bubbliness. Her blog is a must read for all things lifestyle.

Sophieect never fails to help me with ideas for my own outfits. She has such lovely style and a beautiful blog.

StyleConfessional always posts such perfect outfits. I want her wardrobe!

I do read loads more and I really do love them all but these are the ones that I always make sure that I read as they are honest with their reviews and just overall lovely people.

Hopefully you'll enjoy them as much as I do!


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